"Status" on Merged Music Series Compilation Vol​.​1 [Album Stream]

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The Merged Music Series is a free weekly audio-visual event that takes places at the Dragon's Den in New Orleans, LA every Monday. All proceeds from the compilation goes directly toward funding Merged Music Series events.

Please visit MergedMusic.com for more information regarding the album and future Merged Music Series events.


01. Birdmagic - Rhode Island Pt. 2
02. Isidro - Taking Time
03. Off Balance Atlas - Wind Tree
04. Beautiful Bells - Tracy
05. AF THE NAYSAYER - Status
06. Whom Do You Work For? - Re:Map
07. Simon Lott - Context Killer
08. Armless Victory - Rattler Gloves
09. Transmuteo - Interactive Portal Suite Vol. 1
10. No Clouds - Energy
11. Simon Lott - Diamond Kinkade
12. Redrawblak - Solo


AF THE NAYSAYER's Status on Merged Music Series Compilation Vol​.​1 [Album Stream].