Juzzy Orange - Friendly (AF THE NAYSAYER Remix) [Music Video (Free Download)] || Taiwanese Hip-Hop | Chillstep

Juzzy Orange - Friendly (AF THE NAYSAYER Remix) [Music Video (Free Download)]

From Press Release:
AF THE NAYSAYER applies his tactile sound-musings to "Friendly" by Juzzy Orange, the highly acclaimed rap group out of Taipei, Taiwan. This remix was drafted to instill Juzzy Orange’s track with a dreamy, atmospheric vibe, programmed to relax and entrance the mind. This synth-rooted, down-tempo remix re-configures Juzzy Orange’s sample-based jazzy beat into a whimsical journey that only AF THE NAYSAYER’s cerebral tones could produce. It will be releasing as a free download on Self-Educated Vinyl’s BandCamp as a digital single.
"Friendly (AF THE NAYSAYER Remix)" - Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bIqhsCx0UA

BandCamp Link: https://selfeducatedvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/friendly-af-the-naysayer-remix

SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/self-educated-vinyl/friendly



AF THE NAYSAYER - Status (Music Video)

AF THE NAYSAYER Status (Music Video)

This is my second music video. Here's what Tiny Mix Tapes had to say about it:
Lousiana-based mindkiller AF THE NAYSAYER is doing just that all over the east coast right now, sharing his brand of lurching, head-nodding beat-craft from NOLA to NYC. His brand is the particular headspace between G-funk and that west coast technicolor instrumentalism that Adult Swim helped proliferate through the Fly Los and Spazzkids of the world. With “Status,” AF let’s the rhythm break into a DJ Shadow sort of crunch; the loop zones out into warbling synths as the ride descends into sublime, chill enviros. Scope the grained-out video above that sees the track backing a timeless ritual.



Holm. & AF THE NAYSAYER's Birds Fly South Tour

Holm. & AF THE NAYSAYER's Birds Fly South Tour

Tour Schedule Dates:

12/1 - Cambridge, MA: TT the Bear’s Place

12/2 - Providence, RI: Dusk

12/3 - Brooklyn, NY: The Flat

12/4 - Philadelphia, PA: The Sound Hole

12/5 - Washington, DC: Green Island

12/6 - Baltimore, MD: Club Orpheus

12/7 - Richmond, VA: Additional Art Creative Space

12/8 - Charlotte, NC: Tommy’s Pub

12/9 - Columbia, SC: Conundrum

12/10 - Charleston, SC: 88 Spring

12/11 - Savannah, GA: Graveface Records (In-store)

12/11 - Savannah, GA: The Jinx

12/12 - Gainesville, FL: The Civic Media Center

12/14 - Birmingham, AL: The Spring Street Firehouse (Step Pepper)

12/15 - Asheville, NC: The Slam Dunk House

12/16 - Blacksburg, VA: Robin Williams Center for the Arts

12/18 - Pittsburgh, PA: Howler’s Coyote Cafe

12/20 - Syracuse, NY: Roji Tea Lounge

12/21 - Northampton, MA: FOE Gallery and Store

*Some dates maybe subject to change.*


Prism House & AF THE NAYSAYER's Landfall Tour featuring Slomile Swift

Prism House & AF THE NAYSAYER's Landfall Tour featuring Slomile Swift

Tour Schedule Dates:

9/2 - Baton Rouge, LA: Spanish Moon (Dolo Jazz Suite)

9/3 - New Orleans, LA: The Willow (Dolo Jazz Suite)

9/4 - Birmingham, AL: Firehouse (Step Pepper Records)

9/5 - Asheville, NC: The One Stop (BEAT LIFE)

9/6 - Charlotte, NC: Snug Harbor (Knocturnal)

9/7 - Blacksburg, VA: XYZ Gallery

9/8 - Washington, DC: Union Arts (BEATnik Showcase)

9/9 - Baltimore, MD: Club K

9/10 - Philadelphia, PA: The Sound Hole

9/11 - Brooklyn, NY: Spike Hill

9/12 - Cambridge, MA: The Lily Pad

9/14 - New Haven, CT: Stella Blues

9/15 - Providence, RI: Aurora

9/16 - Lowell, MA: The Last Safe and Deposit Company

9/17 - Albany, NY: Fuzebox

9/18 - Trenton, NJ: Mill Hill Saloon

9/19 - Columbus, OH: Bourbon St

9/20 - Detroit, MI: The Scarab Club

9/22 - Chicago, IL: Rodan (Push Beats)

9/23 - Cincinnati, OH: Chameleon

9/24 - Louisville, KY: Tim Faulkner Gallery

9/25 - Nashville, TN: Drifters

9/26 - Memphis, TN: TBA

9/27 - Little Rock, AR: TBA

9/28 - Shreveport, LA: Calanthean Canyon

9/29 - Jackson, MS: Soul Wired Cafe

9/30 - Hattiesburg, MS: TBA

*Some dates maybe subject to change.*


AF THE NAYSAYER - Sunday (Music Video)

AF THE NAYSAYER Sunday (Music Video)

This is my very first music video. Here's what Vanguard Red Magazine had to say about it:
Taken from The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1 (forthcoming) Made up of some beautifully shot and poised footage of grizzled freestyle BMX bikers swerving and pirouetting across smooth concrete floors inside a large car-park building, the Tyler Russell directed video clip for ‘Sunday’ by slow-burning southern (US) beat artiste AF The Naysayer sits in perfect contrast to the synthetic vibe music palette he paints with the throughout the song. Finding those restorative moments of calm in otherwise unsettled times, it’s yet another compelling work of complete art from a musical talent deserving of substantially greater acclaim.